Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reactions to Top Chef Seattle Finale Part 1

Sheldon and Brooke parted ways in Alaska only to be reunited six and a half months later in Los Angeles for the Top Chef Seattle finale. They head to Tom Colicchio's Craft and find out who they'll be competing against - the winner of Last Chance Kitchen. Not surprisingly, it's Kristen, who beat the pants off the last several auf'd cheftestants, as we see in a rather long-winded montage segment.

The challenge the final three face is to cook a three course meal during service at Craft. They are each responsible for an app, an entree, and a dessert. Brooke starts out slow, changing her mind about her courses every few minutes. Sheldon seems pretty confident in his first two courses. He promises to show a bit of "new Sheldon" because he believes he should demonstrate his growth through the competition. Kristen realizes she over-thinks things and vows to keep it simple, stupid.

In the end, Brooke had issues during service but her three courses were probably the strongest. Kristen's meal had its problems, but ultimately was good enough to get her a spot in the finale. And the new Sheldon wasn't as appreciated as much as the old Sheldon. His quail dish was tasty and well cooked, but didn't show off the flavors he'd made himself famous for over the past several weeks. And his dismissal means that Top Chef will finally get a second female winner.

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