Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reactions to Top Chef Seattle Episode 15

With only three cheftestants left, the episode had to be padded somehow. The final three were driven to the Eagle Crest ski area, flown by helicopter into the mountains, and then put on dog sleds to finally reach a dog sledding camp. Padma and Tom were already there and told the chefs that they had 30 minutes to make a dish for the dog sled athletes using whatever was in the camp. Brooke and Sheldon opt for halibut while Josh falls back on his favorite: breakfast. It came down to the two halibut dishes, but Brooke pulled out the win because of her panzanella salad.

After returning to sea level, the chefs were treated to a lunch prepared by Emeril and hot LA chef, Roy Choi. During the lunch, everyone talked about the moment they knew they wanted to become chefs. This led to the Elimination Challenge: make a dish that reflects this pivotal moment. They had two and a half hours to prep and cook for the judges, along with the Governor and First Lady of Alaska at the Governor's mansion. With Sam Choi as his inspiration, Sheldon cooked snapper. Josh used foie gras as inspiration and prepared it three ways. Brooke used her mother's cooking as inspiration and made braised chicken and quail.

Brooke's dish took the win, but Sheldon's broth was too salty and Josh's torchon did not live up to expectations. It was a close call, but Josh was sent home to be with his wife and newborn daughter.

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MoHub said...

"led," not "lead." Lead is a soft metal; "led" is the past tense of "to lead."

Laura Kluvo said...

Thanks MoHub!