Thursday, February 14, 2013

Congratulations Chef Brooke Williamson!

Well, this is getting rather redundant! Chef Williamson has won again! Not only did she win the Quickfire Challenge, but she also won the Elimination Challenge. Using her mother as the inspiration for why she wanted to become a chef, she made braised chicken and quail. Equally homey and complex, Chef Williamson illustrated both the roots of her culinary interest and the level of expertise she has developed along the way.

Heading into the finale, she has certainly shown that she has what it takes to win. Only Sheldon and the winner of Last Chance Kitchen stand in her way.

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MoHub said...

Do we think maybe Josh was spared a stay in Sequesterville and was allowed to actually go home to be with his wife and new daughter?

MoHub said...

So what happened to Divine Swine?