Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TC News and Information 10.19.11 - TC Texas Edition

My San Antonio has seen rough cuts of the first episodes of the upcoming season and offers a sneak peek on what to expect.

What's that about the State of Texas paying $400,000 and San Antonio paying $200,000 to be on the show, you say? More details here, here, and here. Austin and Dallas, the other cities where TC: Texas was filmed, claim they didn't pay to play. But the whole thing makes you wonder if $$ wasn't the reason Houston was left out of the season. On top of that, TC production company The Magical Elves has sued to keep documents from being released to the public, including “proposals, correspondence and related documents exchanged in the course of confidential negotiations,” which it claims would cause “substantial competitive injury” if made public. So far, at least it doesn't sound like there's a threat the new season won't make its Nov. 2 premiere (unlike a certain other nasty lawsuit involving Project Runway).

Guess the money is bigger in Texas too. Will you be watching?

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froggy said...

Not surprising. Posted a link on my blog. I will be watching, just a little more jaded than the last time.