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TC News and Information 10.31.10

Congratulations to Season 3 contestant Brian Malarkey and his wife, Chantelle, on the birth of their twins, Sailor and Miles. (Looks like Brian's still sporting the hats.)

Stefan Richter is still swaggering and swearing, according to this LA Times interview with him (and his girlfriend), which says he will be opening a restaurant in Finland, where he claims he's a superstar.

Stefan will also be appearing with Season 1's Candice Kumai (who now has a show on TLC) at a benefit for the National Kidney Foundation November 7 in LA.

And congrats to Season 1 finalist Tiffani Faison for her current restaurant, Rocco, making Boston Magazine's Top 50 restaurant list, as well as for her participation in the Project Trevor/It Gets Better Project, pulling together a benefit at Rocco shortly after returning from filming the upcoming TC All-Stars season. More on the event from the Huffington Post here. thinks it has uncovered an update on Season 7 winner's Michael Voltaggio's new restaurant.

Sam Talbot is "stoked" for November tastings in anticipation of his new Soho resto at the Mondrian opening in February.

And Top Chef Masters Season 2 winner Marcus Samuelsson will offer a preview dinner of his much-anticipated, but still not open, restaurant, Red Rooster Harlem, on November 15.

To leave you with a bit of Halloween cheer, want to know what judge Eric Ripert dresses up as? Click here, where he reminds us that cooking is not heart surgery.

And darn if I didn't just have an 11th hour thought for a costume I would get a kick out of wearing.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top Recipe - Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 7

Click here for a printable version of Eric Wolitzky's chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Other Whisk Me Away recipes from this episode:
Morgan's Chocolate Mousse Cake, and
Danielle's Pistachio Shortcake.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

All Top Chef Interview with Heather Hurlbert

Just Desserts Chef Heather Hurlbert talks about her experience on the Bravo show.

Click here for the podcast.

Click here to learn more about the Cherokee Town and Country Club.

Thank you Chef Heather!

Congratulations, Team Whisk Me Away!

All Top Chef congratulates Chefs EricWolitzky, Morgan Wilson, and Danielle Keene for winning the first ever Dessert Wars! Despite a bit of sibling-like squabbling at the start, things were soon under control and the three of them cranked out some fabulous desserts that, with few exceptions, pleased the judges and the customers.

Great job! Can't wait to see what you produce next week.

This post is only for positive comments about Chefs Wilson, Keene, and Wolitzky. If you have anything negative to say about them or their competitors, please do so here.

ATC Love to Chef Heather Hurlbert

Chef Heather Hurlbert came on strong early in the competition, with confidence and talent to spare, so it was surprising to see her flounder in the Dessert Wars challenge. As a member of Team Go Diva, she was definitely a team player, offering to make the sablé pastry for both desserts that required it. Unfortunately, the pastry didn't come out as anticipated.

Chef Hurlbert is amazingly talented and creative and we are sorry to see her go. ATC wishes much success to her in the future.

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Hurlbert. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competitors, please do so here.

Reactions to Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 7

This week, Top Chef Just Desserts borrowed a page from Top Chef's book and introduced the Mise en Place Relay Race Quickfire, followed by "Dessert Wars." After drawing cookies, the teams shake out as Team Go Diva (Yigit, Heather, Zac) and Team Everyone Else (Morgan, Danielle, Eric).

For the relay, the pastrycheftestants had to make 12 perfect tart shells, 8 buttercream roses, separate and whip six egg whites to stiff peaks, and stretch strudel dough to the size of a table. The winning goes back and forth between teams: Danielle wins the tart round; Heather takes the roses; Morgan gets his whites whipped. But Team Go Diva gets their strudel completed first and takes the win - plus a bonus prize of $3000. But no immunity.

Dessert Wars is a lot like Restaurant Wars - two pastry shops, each team must have front-of-the-house and kitchen people, etc. Each pastrycheftestant is responsible for three items, so nine per team, one of which must be a bread item, and two of which must be prepared "a la minute."

Team Go Diva seems to have everything under control with their "Pastry Playground." They work well together and come up with their game plan quickly. On the other hand, Danielle and Morgan squabble, and Eric just hopes they come to some decision so Team Everyone Else can get to work on setting up "Whisk Me Away."

After a shopping trip to Albertsons, the pastrycheftestants get five hours to prepare their dishes. The next day they have two more hours to set up shop. Among the more dramatic kitchen clashes include Morgan vs Yigit in Battle "Where are my lemons?!" and Yigit vs a bowl of whipped cream that decides to throw itself on him from a refrigerator shelf. There are no winners.

The next day, we find that Nancy Silverton of La Brea Bakery is our guest judge this week, and Hubert Keller finally makes another appearance.

Once service starts, we find Heather in the kitchen, stressing. Morgan has also taken kitchen duties and he seems relatively calm. For Morgan. Out front, Danielle is so low-key as to make me wonder if she smoked something beforehand, while Yigit is engaging and personable. Zac is also out front, but I think he's just annoying, as does Heather when he goes into the back to fetch items for the judges, garnering several, "shut up!" comments from her.

In the end, despite all the camaraderie, Team Go Diva suffered from tough sable pastry, courtesy of Heather, who was given the boot. Team Everyone Else had far fewer mistakes and more successes and earned themselves a win and a $30,000 bonus prize.

So what did you think about this episode? Did you enjoy Dessert Wars more or less than Restaurant Wars? Were you surprised to see Heather H eliminated? Please tell us in the comments.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TC News and Information 10.26.10

We're sorry to hear those rumors of Season 3 winner Hung Huynh's "culinary overlordship" were premature.

Meanwhile, Season 4 finalist and returning All-Star Richard Blais has apparently leaked his own rumors that his next restaurant will be in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta and move on to a new concept other beyond boutique burgers. But you can catch a blogger's eye view of his newest Flip burger joint, which opened last week, here.

TC judge Tom Colicchio is also saying he won't open any more Crafts, in a "branding = good, chain = not so much" strategy.

While Season 7 winner Kevin Sbraga hasn't yet released specifics about the restaurant he plans to open with all that TC cash (ya know, like name, location, or date), he is doing a preview dinner of its menu December 9, according to this item.

Season 1 finalist and returning All-Star Tiffani Faison got a little love recently from the Boston Globe, which said: "It's time we stop calling her 'Tiffani from Top Chef' . . . she deserves simply to be known as the killer chef she is." For more, click here scroll down to the item on her restaurant, Rocco.

Another returning All-Star, Season 6's Jennifer Carroll, has persuaded mentor Eric Ripert to let her make some changes to the menu at 10 Arts, including branching out from seafood and focusing on more seasonal and locally sourced dishes.

Season 6 finalist Bryan Voltaggio talks about turning down All-Stars, and being mistaken for his brother, in this extended interview.

Season 2 finalist and returning All-Star Marcel Vigneron promoted his new SyFy show, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, at a recent press gig, making a Harry Potter-inspired "butterbeer" with the use of spherification-ized cream soda. You can read a report and catch a couple videos of his demos here.

And Season 3's Brian Malarkey, who as far as we know was not given the opportunity to turn down All-Stars, has his own new show, Kick Off Cook Off, on TLC. Click here for a piece in which he describes himself as the "poor man's Tom Colicchio," plus video snippet.

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 6

So, what do our bloggers have to say about last week's black and white episode?

After Elton on Corporate Sponsorship: "So Gail downs a shot of tequila, shakes her head, and spits out, 'Even if you have to wash your pot several times you know your hands will stay soft thanks to Dawn look for it in your local grocery store … Oh God, I’m so sorry about this.' Then the Dawn executive board pops up behind her and stuffs a stack of twenties in her pocket."

My Monkey Could Do That on the battle for ingredients: "Heather says Morgan elbowed her in the mouth. I’m not sure how he did that, since they’re on opposite sides of the table, and there’s no footage, but I guess it could have happened. I looked, though. She immediately is like, 'OMG you guys, look at the giant bump on my lip.' Any sympathy anyone might have had for Morgan evaporates as he interviews that if you go to the post with Shaq and he knocks you on your ass, you learn not to go to the post with Shaq."

Jordan Baker on winning the Quickfire: "Anyway. Winning not only gives him his Sally Field moment, it also gives him immunity in the next challenge...unless he’d like some cash instead. Gail asks if he wants to trade his immunity for $1000. 'Can we get a higher offer?' he asks.'Would you be willing to trade it for...five. thousand. dollars?' Ok, Gail needs a cat to stroke or a small moustache to twirl or SOMETHING to make this scene just perfect. Anyway, Zac stupidly does it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He immediately regrets the decision."

Creative Loafing on Black and White desserts: "Black and white was the theme for the Elimination as the chefs had to prepare desserts for the LA Times' black and white party. I don’t know about black and white, but I saw a lot of brown, ecru and dark purple. No one said they weren’t allowed to use black food coloring (though black teeth may not have gone over so well with the guests)."

What'ere Jane Eyre on Stew Room antics: "Gidget tries to start some shit by passive-aggressively wondering if anyone else had things go missing, other than Heatherh's Rice Krispie treats. Nobody did, and Gidget calls the situation shocking. Morgan doesn't rise to the bait, but just nods his head in mock sympathy, which is hilarious."

TWOP on the verdict: "The girls are all looking extremely downtrodden when the judges add insult to sugar-coated injury: They need to send in ALL the guys. SEXISM LIVES! The guys all beam in patriarchal glee as Gail smilingly tells them that they are ALL winners. The judges explain how much they loved everything that each of the men did, but they loved Yigit's dish most of all. Yigit is crowned with a phallic wreath of laurels and dances around a maypole on his way back to the Stew Room."

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TC News and Information 10.25.10

Guess who can add "Whole Pig Tent Curator" to his resume? That would be TC Season 6 finalist Kevin Gillespie, who will assume the role at Atlanta's inaugural Food and Wine Festival next May 19-22. Also slated for the fest are TC Masters contestants Tim Love and John Besh. Road trip, anyone?

Kevin also "headlined" Taste of Atlanta this weekend. We'd love to hear from any of our readers who attend.

If you can drag yourself away from Top Chef Just Desserts Wednesday and are in the area, check out the gig TC Masters contestant Susan Feniger is doing for the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

Looks like the Project Dinner Table benefit TC Masters contestant Rick Moonen is participating in Oct. 30 has sold out, but for your armchair traveling/salivating pleasure, here's the menu:
  • Passed canapés: potato blintz with hot smoked sturgeon and oscetra caviar; Kushi oysters with green apple mignonette, frozen horseradish and duck pastrami with poached quince and rye crumble
  • First course: sugar pumpkin soup, peekytoe crab and toasted hazelnut
  • Second course: Fuji apple salad, aged white cheddar, bitter greens and maple vinaigrette
  • Third course: Whole roasted Sunburst Farms Rainbow Trout, Brussel sprouts and double smoked bacon
  • Fourth course: grilled Duroc pork chops, Seckel pears, turnips and grain mustard
  • Fifth course: pistachio French toast, coffee ice cream and golden raisin sauce
In Connecticut Nov. 5-7, you can catch Tom Colicchio, TC Masters contestant Susur Lee, and TC Season 3 contestant Casey Thompson at the Foxwoods Food and Wine Festival. The foodie event takes place at the Foxwoods Casino and Resort on Mashantucket Pequot tribal land - if you go, don't miss the awesome Native American museum that has been built with gambling dollars. I think Tom Colicchio and his young son would enjoy it :)

Now here's an event outside the norm from what I typically see wrangling the old ATC mailbox. The Astor Center in NYC will host “The Alchemy of Taste and Smell” November 12-13. From the press release: “Cooking is alchemy: the art of transforming raw materials into a perfected form. Cooking fuses taste and smell, emotion and memory, culture and nature. The work of chefs today is much discussed, but the process by which new dishes and flavor combinations are created remains mysterious. This event will explore creativity in cooking, the composite nature of flavors and the importance of aroma in food and drink.” Capping off the event is a seven-course collaborative dinner “exploring new flavor combinations and making explicit the connection between what we smell and what we taste. For instance, a cucumber/melon salad served on a plate scented with mint essence, as a sensory sleight of hand where by the end of the dish the diner thinks that they have eaten the herb, even though they have only smelled it.” Just Desserts judge Johnny Iuzzini, TC Masters contenders Wylie Dufresne and Nils Noren, and other big names in the food world, including David Chang and Harold McGee, are among the participants. Click here for more details.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Top Recipe - Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 6

Find the printable version of Chef Pura's dessert here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

All Top Chef Interview with Erika Davis

Top Chef Just Desserts contestant, Erika Davis, talks about her experience on the Bravo show.

Click here for the podcast.

Click here to learn more about Culinary Wonders, a charity that provide scholarships to minority culinary students.

Click here
to learn more about Erika's restaurants at Ponte Vedra in Jacksonville.

Thank you Chef Erika!

ATC Love to Chef Erika Davis

After such a strong showing earlier in the competition, it was nearly a shock to hear Gail tell Chef Erika Davis that she had lost this challenge. Her Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream with White Chocolate Pavé & Blackberry Crème Brûlé did get points from Gail for not being dark chocolate, but there were issues with the ice cream that just didn't work for the rest of the judges.

Chef Davis, you were a strong competitor the whole way through, and you displayed not only skills in the pastry department, you also seemed like a really nice, calm person and one of the few non-diva characters in the kitchen. We'll miss your calm demeanor and wish you much success in the future.

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Davis. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competitors, please do so here.

Congratulations Chef Yigit Pura

The Turkish-born member of Team Go Diva finally won an Elimination Challenge this week with his technically complex and delicious black and white dessert, Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Mousse, Berry Compote & Almond Milk Ice Cream. The judges seemed especially impressed with the interesting textured he achieved by adding squares of crisp chocolate in between the soft cake layers.

Chef Pura, it was about time to see you win a big challenge like this. Your creativity and skill has made you one to watch throughout the competition. But can you go all the way?

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Pura. If you have anything negative to say about him or his competitors, please do so here.

Reactions to Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 6

This week, Le Bernardin pastry chef Michael Laiskonis joined Gail in the Top Chef Just Desserts Kitchen to give the seven remaining contestants their challenges. First up, the pastrycheftestants must create a dessert using savory ingredients and one pot. No blender, no mixer, etc. As this challenge is sponsored by Dawn Hand Renewal (which I always hear as Dawn Hand Removal), the competitors may wash their one pot as many times as needed, without having to worry about unsightly chapping or dishpan hands.

Oh brother.

The most exciting part about this challenge was when Morgan elbowed Heather H in the face when he was grabbing his savory ingredients. While she was bitching and moaning, she didn't turn out a particularly satisfying dessert and ended up on the bottom with Eric and Danielle. On top in this challenge were Morgan, Yigit, and Zac, who finally wins something. He's so pleased with finally getting to be the bride, he crows, "I'm no longer the Susan Lucci of Top Chef Just Desserts!"

Oh brother.

As the winner in this challenge, Zac gets immunity from elimination in the next one. But Gail decides to pull a Monty Hall and asks if he wants immunity...or cash. She has $1,000 for his greedy little hands, but he negotiates up and she offers $5,000. With dollar signs in his eyes and egging on from his competitors, Zac takes the money.

The Elimination Challenge involves making a dessert for the Los Angeles Times' 128th anniversary bash. The catch is that the dessert must be in all black and white. They get $500 to spend at Albertson's, some time to cook that day, and then more time prepping at the venue the next day.

Zac is worried because 1) he gave up immunity; 2) they don't make black disco dust. But he perseveres and turns out a deep fried whoopie pie. Morgan does a riff on sticky toffee pudding. Erika is making a lemon poppyseed ice cream that really sounds like it could be yummy. Danielle is being literal and making a dessert in the shape of the numerals 1, 2, and 8. If that doesn't get her kicked off, I don't know what will. Eric is hoping to wow the judges with his plating, which has been a problem for him in prior challenges.

The next day, at the venue, everything is indeed black and white, from the tablescapes to the wall decor. Heather can't find one of the components of her dish and immediately accuses Morgan of sabotage. Morgan says Team Go Diva is a bunch of "backstabbing liars."

Oh brother. Makes one really miss Seth.

Eventually the black-and-white-clad guests arrive along with the judges. Gail and Daily Candy girl are wearing competing patterns. They seem to find some fault in every dish, so it's hard to tell who's done well and who's going home.

Cut to the stew room where we see Gail enter and call for Erika, Danielle, and Heather, which shocks the four boys who are sure that the girls are the top three. Surprise! They have made the least favorite desserts: Danielle's was twee and the components were more like individual petits fours that didn't work together; Erika's ice cream tasted like soap; and Heather's dessert wasn't black and white enough.

Back in the stew, the girls send out the boys, who are relieved to find out that they have made the best desserts. The complaints heard during tasting are nowhere to be found while the judges compliment each of the four lads' desserts. Yigit's dessert was technically complex and delicious and earns him his first Elimination Challenge win.

The losers are sent back before the judges to await their fate. I'm pretty sure at this point that Danielle is going to get the boot, but then they send Erika home. What?

Were you as surprised as I was? What did you think about this episode? Please tell us in the comments.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TC News and Information 10.20.10

Curious for a glimpse into the dessert preferences of tonight's Just Desserts guest judge Michael Laiskonis? Apparently he's a fan of a bit of salt and some fresh herbs with desserts. Laiskonis demos a dish of roasted figs, red wine caramel, goat cheese, hazelnuts, fresh thyme, and bacon ice cream in a clip from the most recent episode of Eric Ripert's Avec Eric here. Or you can watch the entire Avec Eric episode focusing on cured meats here (the lardo looks amazing).

Continuing in a pork-centric vein, TC Season 4 winner Stephanie Izard is hosting a mangalitsa pig dinner November 2 to benefit Friends of the James Beard House at her new Chicago restaurant, The Girl and the Goat. Check out the menu here. And apparently her new place is so booked even actor Ed Burns couldn't get a table.

Season 1 winner Harold Dieterle is also getting plenty of buzz with the opening of his new Thai restaurant, Kin Shop, including a nice two-part interview with the Village Voice here and here.

In other news about new restaurants from TC contestants, Season Three winner Hung Huynh has a new gig as "culinary overlord," and Season 5 finalist and returning All-Star Carla Hall plans to open a cafe at 24th & M in D.C. has an update on the recent shuttering of Season 7 finalist and returning All-Star Angelo Sosa's restaurant, Xie Xie, and got a confirmation from Angelo's rep that he's split from that Russian, er, fiancee of his.

Finally, Season 2's Sam Talbot was recently promoting Northwest pears in Portland.Remember how Sam liked to do quick pickles? You can find a recipe for his shrimp with pickled pears and gem lettuce sandwich here, and a quick video of him demo-ing the dish here.

Hmm, I wonder what you'd get if you matched pickled pears with bacon ice cream. Or not.

Previews for Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 6

Things get aggressive this week as the chefs compete in a one-pot Quickfire challenge. Everyone better stand back as Morgan throws elbows to get his first choice of ingredients. Moving on to the elimination challenge, chef's must forgo their vibrant desserts and create a dish only using black and white. Will the very colorful Zac be able to tone down his bright personality for this monochromatic challenge? Find out tonight, 10/20, @10/9c on BRAVO's Top Chef Just Desserts

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 5

Seth is gone, so that means no more drama for Top Chef Just Desserts. Or does it? See what the bloggers had to say about Edible Fashion:

My Monkey Could Do That on cliques: "Yigit, Zac, and Heather H. have made a clique. Yigit doesn’t want to call it a 'clique,' of course, because 'clique' means 'group of people who exclude everyone else and think they are superior.' However they have labeled themselves 'Team Go Diva.' Yigit thinks that everyone else hates them because they are so talented and are such good friends. Yeah, that must be it."

What'ere Jane Eyre on the Quickfire Challenge: "Gail tells the chefs that their skills will be tested to the limit today, as they tackle the most notoriously fragile dessert there is. Yes, it's souffle time! Yay! They're light, they're airy, and they can deflate if you look at them cross-eyed. The chefs are appropriately nervous. Gail gives them an hour to whip up their souffles, and starts the clock."

Creative Loafing hits the nail on the head: "[the brevity of this week's Quickfire airtime]...led us to think that there would be a whole lot of drama and excitement taking up the rest of the hour. And, boy, were we wrong. The rest of the show played out like all of the last season of Top Chef: lackluster with a ridiculous challenge."

After Elton on the inspiration for the Elimination Challenge: "The chefs wonder if the shoes before them are in fact Gail’s own shoes. Which would obviously be totally awesome. I can picture Padma calling Gail into her office and hissing, Gail, you haven’t sacrificed nearly enough for our cause. So we’re taking your shoes.”

Sadly, Gail admits they’re not her own shoes. They’re meant to be inspiration for a fashion-related challenge for which the chefs are to design an 'edible couture dress.'

Obviously budget cuts have hit Bravo pretty hard and they’re reduced to recycling challenges from other reality shows. Next week, I’m sure they’ll have to propose to random strangers with edible roses, or hunt for ingredients in Hummel figures scattered throughout Europe.

Jordan Baker on Morgan's shoe fetish: "Morgan tells us he’s not a diva like the rest of the chefs, but he loves women’s shoes. Ok, Crazy Eyes just went Creepy Eyes. I fully expect him to tell someone to rub the lotion on their skin any minute now."

Culture Mob on Heather C's on-again, off-again bandage: "I feel like this fashion based challenge would be a perfect opportunity for Heather C to address the whole mystery-bandage thing, but alas she says nothing, perhaps because I’m fairly certain she hasn’t worn it in a few shows. I’ve become so invested in this bandage at this point that I’m going to be crushed during the reunion when she says '…I had a cut on my forehead.' At this point, I’m thinking it’s covering up a scar from where her unicorn horn was removed."

TWOP on the Winner: "Finally Morgan is crowned the winner and you can just see it going straight to his head. Gail asks him to send in HBH, Eric, and Danielle, which is incredibly unsurprising when you compare their work with Erika's or Heather's. As the losers trudge off to their doom, Zac is in a snit because a frequently self-proclaimed straight man from Texas beat him, beat him in a chocolate fashion competition."

Monday, October 18, 2010

TC News and Information 10.18.10

Guest judge for this Wednesday's episode of Just Desserts will be Michael Laiskonis, Executive Pastry Chef of Eric Ripert's Le Bernadin. Read his recap of last week's episode here and more of his thoughts on the show here.

Here's a peak at what Ripert recently cooked up at 10 Arts with his protege, Season 6 finalist and returning All-Star Jennifer Carroll, including suckling pig!

Jennifer Carroll is among the TC contestants who will appear at the Food & Wine All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas Nov. 5-7, hosted by Gail Simmons. Also scheduled are Fabio Viviani, Carla Hall, and Hosea Rosenberg, according to this item.

Michael Voltaggio, Fabio Viviani, and Season 6's Ron Duprat will appear at the Philadelphia Food & Wine Festival Oct. 29-31.

At a recent appearance in Wisconsin, Season 6 Finalist Bryan Voltaggio revealed that he was offered the chance to appear on the upcoming Season 8 All-Star season, but declined, according to this interview.

Season 7 winner Kevin Sbraga recently talked to NPR.

And according to this item, Season 7 finalist and returning All-Star Angelo Sosa's restaurant, Xie Xie, has closed.

Poll - Who Will Win Just Desserts

There are seven competitors left - who do you think has the chops to finish on top?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Howard Dieterle opens his second restaurant and Gail dishes about the JD Finale

These are two of the dishes from Top Chef Season 1 winner Harold Dieterle's second restaurant, Kin Shop, which opened last week (apparently while it was hailing in NYC). You can find more photos and news on Kin Shop's facebook page, an interview with Harold here, and more photos of the restaurant here. Congratulations, Harold! We wish you all the best!

Meanwhile, Gail Simmons opened up to in this interview.

About TC: Just Desserts, she says this is "the most interesting cast of characters we've ever had on Top Chef. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Pastry chefs have a unique personality type — I know that they're exacting and I know that they're anal-retentive — but in the best way. And I don't want to make any generalizations, that pastry chefs are all-drama all the time, but this group was incredibly casted. While they can be dramatic and sensitive and confrontational, they're all super-talented.”

Gail also talks about how they had to get the TCJD pantry up to snuff and how the producers (she is one on TCJD) second-guessed themselves about the "no recipes" rule after Episode 1 guest judge Jacques Torres turned livid. Gail also shares a few tidbits about the upcoming All-Stars season and talks about why the Just Desserts finale will be different from the usual "cook the best meal of your life" challenges on Top Chef.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top Recipe - Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 5

For a printable version of Morgan Wilson's macaron recipe, click here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Win a Kitchen Makeover

If you think you have what it takes to wow a superstar pastry chef like Sherry Yard, then why not enter the Wrigley's Extra Dessert Delights "Show Us Your Sweets" challenge?

Bravo Exit Interview - Heather Chittum

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Congratulations, Chef Morgan Wilson!

For the second week in a row, Chef Morgan Wilson takes the Elimination Challenge, this time winning an additional $20,000 in cold hard cash. He got instant inspiration from the pair of red platform pumps he chose, creating a slinky black and red dress created completely from chocolate paillettes. Not only that, but his two petits fours "accessories" - a red hot macaron earring and an extremely cute ring - won him raves.

Congrats to you, Chef Wilson! You definitely had every right to be pleased with yourself this week. :)

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Morgan Wilson. If you have anything negative to say about him or his competitors, please do so here.

ATC Love to Chef Heather Chittum

While it's always hard to say goodbye to a cheftestant under normal circumstances, it's even more difficult to have to say it twice. Chef Chittum received a huge break when she was invited back last week to replace Seth in the competition. Unfortunately, she was not able to parlay this luck into a happy ending.

It must be quite difficult to have to create an outfit out of edible products. After all, even fashion designers on Project Runway have had issues with such challenges. Chef Chittum chose produce, which may have been easier to work with than chocolate, but didn't do the trick of wowing the judges.

Chef Heather, we're so sorry to see you leave (again). Much luck in your future.

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Heather Chittum. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competitors, please do so here.

Reactions to Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 5

With the departure of Seth last week, we are left with a relatively drama-free episode. Well, as drama-free as pastry chefs can be. Heather H, Yigit, and Zac decide to form their own little pastry clique, Team Go Divas, and annoy all and sundry by chanting "go Diva!" every few minutes. Unfortunately, that wasn't quite enough to cause anyone to smack anyone in the head with an offset spatula.

Wolfgang Puck's corporate Queen of Pastry Sherry Yard was guest judge for this episode. In the Quickfire Challenge, she had to judge the pastrycheftestants abilities with that tricky baked product - the souffle. Zac goes rogue and makes a frozen souffle, while the rest of the gang stick to the real deal. Sherry tells Heather H that the perfect souffle is like a unicorn - she's never seen one.

On the bottom are Zac, Erika, and Heather H. - wow, two members of "Go Diva." However, member 3, Yigit, makes it into the top three along with Danielle and Morgan and ends up the winner with his chocolate souffle.

Next up - the Elimination Challenge is to celebrate the upcoming LA Fashion Week by creating edible fashion. Each pastrycheftestant is responsible for making an edible garment AND two petits fours that act as "accessories" to serve sixty fashionistas at an event. The inspiration? Women's shoes, which Gail is quick to point out do NOT come from her personal collection. Gaygasps all around, including from straightboy Morgan. When it's his turn to choose, he makes a beeline for a pair of Spiderman-esqe red platforms with black piping. He's practically petting and drooling on the shoes as he takes them to his table.

After a shopping trip to Albertsons, the pastrycheftestants will have 8 hours to work on their items, and then two more hours the next day at the venue. Zac's an old pro at making edible fashion, and he says it's "bananas" that the producers expect them to get something so complicated done in a mere 8 hours. But he's plugging away at his "showgirl warrior" costume, using plungers for breast cup molds.

With scant time left on the clock, Johnny Iuzzini and his pompadour come in with a twist. But it's not a twist - it's an incentive. The winner of this challenge will receive $20K. Everybody drools, apart from Morgan who has used most of his saliva on his pumps.

Eric is making a dress for a trashy housewife out on the town - in other words, something for one of the Housewives of New Jersey/Atlanta/New York/DC/Orange County/Beverly Hills. Morgan creates a "little black dress" of chocolate paillettes, plus a matchy-matchy black-piped red purse for the Spideyshoes. He finishes early [insert rude comment here] and seems quite proud of himself.

Eventually all the time is up and the pastrycheftestants set up their dress forms and petits fours to be gobbled up by the hungry guests. Heather H's dress looks like a turkey prostitute. Yigit's dress of white chocolate feathery things is insanely short. Eric's is a bloody mess. And both Heather C and Danielle eschewed using their pastry skills and opted to make fashion out of salad.

After tasting everything, the judges select Morgan, Zac, and Yigit as the top three. At one point, Johnny calls Zac a "silly little bastard," which Zac seems to take as a compliment. Ultimately, Morgan takes the win and the $20K. On the bottom are the salad girls, Danielle, and Heather C., and Eric. Although Eric's dress is a disaster, he at least made cookies. Heather C put the least amount of work into her dress, and the judges weren't keen on her petits fours, so she was given the boot.

Again. Sucks to be her.

So what did you think about this episode? Please tell us in the comments!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TC News and Information 10.12.10

Wow, a bulging in-box this week. First up, the New York City Wine & Food Fest took place last weekend - lots of chefs with TC connections made appearances and offered commentary. A few morsels.

Top Chef Just Desserts judge Johnny Iuzzini dished to the NY Post that upcoming JD episodes will include drama (despite Seth's departure) and fashion (no surprise if you’ve seen previews for Wednesday’s show). Perhaps more interesting are his thoughts on what to serve at such an event, as Iuzzini handed out “caramelized Godiva chocolate mousse on a stick, with salted walnut nougatine, dried cranberry, a Godiva pearl and a gold leaf.” Hmm, we just know there are bound to be more catering challenges coming up on this season of Just Desserts, and it's always helpful to know where the judges are coming from.

In an interesting panel discussion about the meaning and importance of eating locally, TC head judge Tom Colicchio mentioned that one of the reasons he chose the location of his new NYC restaurant RiverPark is "we're looking to actually grow food in soil. Majority of it will go to schools and educating kids about nutrition." caught up with TCJD judge Eric Ripert’s pastry chef at Le Bernadin, Michael Laiskonis, who will appear as a guest judge in his own right during this season of Just Desserts and offered his observations about TCJD and pastry chefs’ time in the spotlight in this interview.

Speaking of The Ripper, he will prepare a five-course dinner featuring sustainable seasfood with his protoge, Jennifer Carroll - much-rooted-for Top Chef Season 6 contestant and member of the upcoming TC Season 8 All-Star cast - this Thursday in Philly.

And re: sustainable seafood, TC Season 7 contestant Tamesha Warren will prepare an entree Nov. 16 for Baltimore’s National Aquarium Fresh Thoughts series, while Season 1 finalist and returning All-Star Tiffani Faison recently appeared at Boston’s Museum of Science, where she demonstrated how to make “meatballs” from scallops and monkfish, two fish that “tend to be a bit sweeter” and appeal to kids, commenting that it can be hard to get kids to eat fish. Guess it depends on where they grow up and what they’re used to as a kid.

Traveling further along the science – and TV series – train, according to this item, Season 6 finalist and returning All-Star Richard Blais has just wrapped production on a couple of pilot episodes for a show on the Science Channel. And lest we forget Chef Blais’s heavy-duty background, here’s a photo Alinea’s Grant Achatz recently tweeted from years gone by of Blais, Achatz, and the renowned Thomas Keller.

TC Season 3 contestant Brian Malarkey seems to have landed himself a show on TLC called Kick Off, Cook Off, traveling around the country as “cheferee” to judge football tail-gate cooking.

In news about a TC chef who did not try to boost her recognizability by wearing hats, Season 5 chef and All-Star contestant Jamie Lauren has a new gig.

Top Chef Masters contestant Graham Elliot & TCM Season 2 winner Marcus Samuelsson are among the chefs to be included on A&E’s Ikea-sponsored “Fix This Kitchen” makeover show premiering October 16th, along with TC guest judge Charlie Trotter and a couple of other chefs you may have heard of, Ming Tsai & Lydia Bastianich.

Enough media, shilling, and hype, you say?

How about the great news that TC Season 1 winner Harold Dieterle is opening his second restaurant, named Kin Shop? Grub Street has early photos here, and Feast has a mini-interview with H here.

If you’re still craving a first-hand taste of what’s served up by another much-admired TC finalist, you won’t want to miss this report from blogger, TC afficianado, and photographer extraordinare Big Shamu of The Karmic Kitchen about her recent dinner at Season 6 Finalist Kevin Gillespie’s Woodfire Grill in Atlanta.
And because I would be remiss if I did not keep you up to date on TC judge Anthony Bourdain news, here's the official announcement from DC comics about his upcoming "graphic novel," Get Jiro!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 4

Jordan Baker on breakfast with the pastrycheftestants: "Seth and his magnificent but psychopathic torso the kitchen. I am torn between the yummy of the shirtless and the ew of the kitchen shave. Zac asks for 'a bagel with cream cheese and stubble, please?'"

Culture Mob on Seth's final breakdown: "It seems that Seth is having a mental breakdown again; I’m honestly not sure what it’s about except that I know it has something to do with paper cups that he brought from home, that he threw out in response to some misinformation from the TC producers. He calls the producers liars. He says it’s not fair that he doesn’t have his paper cups. And then, as Zac states…'he disappeared.' For a moment I’m hopeful that we’ve actually gotten into the Harry Potter universe and Seth disapparated and splinched himself, but my hopes are dashed when suddenly everyone hears sirens. Seth has merely given himself an anxiety attack and is passed out off-set. Luckily, at this point, even the Bravo producers have to admit that they have a liability on their hands and send Seth packing; my guess is that a lawyer over there got a hold of some footage and hit the 'Eject Crazy' button."

My Monkey Could Do That on the Quickfire Challenge, once the dust settles: "Everyone pulls ice cream scoops to be assigned a flavor. Winner gets immunity and they have 30 minutes. Eric likes sundaes but not wacky sundaes. He wants to focus on 'traditional American baking.' Malika is in a good mood. Morgan is thinking 'Sunday' because that’s the day he spends with his son who has inspired him today. Danielle has always wanted a soda shoppe. Yigit hasn’t grown up with fancy ice cream like cookie dough, but he seems to be in good shape."

After Elton on the Elimination Challenge: "First, the chefs are going to visit something called the “Lucent Dossier.” Gail describes it as some sort of performance art collective involving circus acts, fire, and whimsy. Even after she’s done describing it, I have no idea what it actually is; as best I can tell, they’re planning on pumping the chefs full of Ecstasy and shipping them off to Burning Man. But wait, there’s more! Inspired by the performance, they’ll work in teams. Each team will pick a theme AND create an architectural showpiece AND each create a related dessert AND also a flaming dessert. Whew! That’s a lot."

What'ere Jane Eyre on the return of the Unhappy Heather C.: "What's the point of leaping back into the fray if all you're going to do is complain about how much you hate it, and by the way, drag all your teammates down with you? Heatherh feels pretty much the same way, but while I'd just seethe silently, she out-and-out takes Heatherc to task for wasting her second chance so frivolously. She tells Heatherc that she's letting her teammates down, and that she's being a spoiled brat, closing by telling Heatherc's retreating figure that she needs to suck it up."

TWOP on Heather H's reaction to Morgan's win: "Back in the stew room, Heather H. pissily tells Morgan 'You're welcome.' She thinks he didn't deserve to win since his time wasn't divided like hers. A dynamic she aggressively set up, it's worth noting. She refuses to "carry anybody ever again," a.k.a. be a team player. Sour grapes much?"

and last but not least...Creative Loafing's Top Chef Podcast covers both episodes 3 and 4.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Top Recipe - Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 4


Find the printable version of Morgan Wilson's pannacotta recipe here.

Friday, October 8, 2010

All Top Chef Interview with Malika Ameen

Chef Malika Ameen talks about her experience on Top Chef Just Desserts and about her decision to leave.

Malika's new venture is called ByMDesserts.

Click here for the podcast.

Thank you Chef Malika.

Bravo Exit Interview with Malika Ameen

Thursday, October 7, 2010

ATC Love to Chef Seth Caro

Your competitors admired your creativity and technique, saying you pushed everyone in the room and were the one to beat. We thought you were reality show gold and are sorry you weren't cleared by the producers to compete further after your anxiety attack.

Chef Caro, we wish nothing but the best for you and your family. And we hope to see more of your culinary creations in the future.

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Caro. If you have anything negative to say about him or his competition, please do so here.

ATC Love to Chef Malika Ameen

Guest judge Gale Gand was mightily impressed by your Saffron Panna Cotta with Feuilletine Crunch & Candied Ginger, and Gail Simmons pronounced it exceptional. You made a tough decision to leave the competition, but stayed true to your heart.

Chef Ameen, we hope nothing but the best for you in the future. May you enjoy your sons and rediscover your love of cooking outside the competitive environment of Top Chef.

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Ameen. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competition, please do so here.

Congratulations, Chef Morgan Wilson!

A memorable double win, Chef Wilson!

For the Quickfire, you won over the judges with your personal story, inspired by Sundays with your son, as well as your dish - a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich with mint syrup accompanied by foamy hot chocolate that Gail Simmons wanted to slurp.

And for the Elimination Challenge, your individual plated dessert, Mango Panna Cotta, Açaí Fluid Gel & Passion Fruit Sorbet, was the judges’ favorite from the winning team as well.

Congratulations, Chef! May you continue to have success in this competition!
This post is only for positive comments about Chef Wilson. If you have anything negative to say about him or his competition, please do so here.

Reactions to Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 4

Whew, what an episode. Several fall short, but no one is told their dessert just doesn't measure up.

Perhaps the most expected aspect of this week's show was that it asked the dessert cheftestants to work with ice cream. As Heather H. interviewed, "we knew this was coming up." The chefs have 30 minutes to create ice cream sundaes. Host Gail Simmons wants to be "amused and over-indulged" and isn't interested in just bananas and nuts. Alas for Seth, since Breyer's is this week's sponsor, he will not be permitted to make his own ice cream, which he claims he can do in 15 minutes. After much foreshadowing, we see a variety of Seth's mutterings and outbursts, plus a rare glimpse of producers interacting with the contestants (over some sort of rule change), which pushes Seth into a rant about losing paper cups he had brought as part of his "equipment." Other contestants interview that Seth then stormed out, saying, according to Zac, "I want my passport, I want my wallet, I want my phone - get me out of here!"

The contestants discuss the unsettling effect Seth has had on them, raising hands (and feet) to vote that they are glad he's departed the Stew, when the sound of sirens intrudes. Afterward, an infinitely more pulled-together-looking Seth interviews that he had an anxiety attack and fainted, is not "at this point" cleared to compete further "at producers' discretion," regrets not that this opportunity was taken away from him but that he took it away from himself.

After Seth is taken away in an ambulance, judge Johnny Iuzzini joins the chefs in the Stew to try to help them get their heads back in the game, and after reactions ranging from "Seth was the one to beat" to "I feel like 900 pounds of pressure have been lifted off my chest," the Quickfire resumes with the drawing of ice cream scoops that assign Breyers ice cream flavors to each of the remaining competitors. Hmmm, did they have to re-draw scoops after Seth's departure? The photos on Bravo's website show the cheftestants revealing ice cream flavors other than the ones they used in their QF sundaes . . .

This week's guest judge, Gale Gand, executive pastry chef of Chicago's Tru, announces the QF bottom three. Of traditionalist Eric's vanilla ice cream with peaches sauteed with brandy and brown sugar and topped with a crumble, Gale says that after eating it, she's not sure she'd want to meet the chef (I find Gand to be a very amiable judge, but what kind of critique is that?). The judges failed to find the "reference to Neapolitan" in Danielle's dish made with Rocky Road. And Erika's Chocolate Banana S'mores Frangelico Sundae is dinged for being too heavy on those bananas and nuts Gail Simmons warned against.

For the top three QF dishes, Zac wins kudos for panko-crusting the fried cherry vanilla ice cream in his "Black Forest Is Burning" sundae, as does Yigit for the ganache and sauce in his peanut butter s'more sundae made with cookie dough ice cream. The winner is teary-eyed divorcee Morgan, who spells out his ode to Sunday visitations with his son, offering a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich made with his own cookies and mint syrup and coupled with hot chocolate.

On to the Elimination Challenge, which Gail Simmons announces will team them into three groups of three. Except, you know, with Seth's departure, the numbers are uneven. So they bring back the proverbial "last eliminated contestant," who is Heather C. In a pretty convoluted multi-part challenge, the teams are expected to present a 2-foot tall "showpiece", 25 portions of a flaming dessert, and 50 portions of individually plated desserts where each team member is to put their own stamp on a dessert that "echoes" the concept and theme of the rest of the team offerings. And somehow this whole extravaganza is to be inspired by the performance troupe Lucent Dossier Experience, a costume-wearing, sword-swallowing, fire-wielding band of folks Heather H. describes as a cross between Mad Max and Cirque du Soleil. The chefs will have two hours to set up at the Lucent Dossier space (while the L.D.E. performance is taking place) and will serve a party of Lucent Dossier "devotees" in addition to the judges. Got that all straight? Rules this complicated would leave me running in search of my passport too.

The top three QF chefs are annointed team captains and, without any of that all-too-familiar footage that reminds us of being picked last for some team sport in our youth, the lineup is:

Morgan, Heather H., and Eric
Zac, Malika, and Heather C.
Yigit, Danielle, and Erika

Heather H. is shown throwing herself into her team's showpiece (she seems to prefer the word "centerpiece"). Additional planning, confidence, and lack thereof among the teams are on display.

Back at the TC Just Desserts house the night before the gig, tensions are running high as recently reinstated Heather C. seems frazzled, feeling like an outsider and questioning whether she wants to stay. An aggravated Heather H. exhorts Heather C. to think of her teammates and "suck it up."

Next day, all the cheftestants seem to be scrambling to set up at the L.D.E. space. Judge (and sometime d.j.) Hubert Keller looks like he's definitely enjoying the show, and the L.D.E. cast and "devotees" seem to be enjoying the food.

When it comes to the judging, the showpieces of all three teams seem to garner similar acceptance/praise from the judges as being thoughtful reflections of the vibe of the show. It seemed like the only thing that would have set one of these intricate 2-foot-tall architectural dessert constructions apart would have been if it had imploded or shattered.

Of the flaming portion of the challenge, Team Yigit failed to wow the judges because they had flambeed their dessert in advance of the judges' arrival. Zero spectacle points achieved there. So everything seemed to come down to each team's individually plated desserts.

Team Morgan is the first called to Judges Table, where all three contestants are praised, and Morgan, despite having immunity via the QF, manages to win his second challenge of the episode with  Mango Panna Cotta, Açaí Fluid Gel & Passion Fruit Sorbet.

When Team Morgan is told to return to the Stew, they are not asked to call the losing chefs to Judges Table. Instead, Gail Simmons herself returns, saying there were both hits and misses from the two remaining teams and that the judges have "more questions." Whatever may be left on the cutting room floor, the only question to Team Yigit aired this episode was about why they had failed to flambe in front of the judges.

Then Team Zac is called to JT, where Zac's banana bread with red curry earns much appreciation. As Gale Gand moves on to praise Malika's Saffron Panna Cotta with Feuilletine Crunch & Candied Ginger, we go to commercial as Malika asked to remove her own self from the competition. And when we come back from commercial, she's still bent on going home to her kids and her own kitchen.

So we end up with one double QF/EC winner and two departed contestants, neither of whom was booted for making a bad dish. Or even a "just not quite as good" dish.

Were you hot or cold toward to this "get me outta here" episode of Top Chef Desserts? Let us know in the comments.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 4 Previews

In this (yet another) supersized episode, the chefs take on another one of America's favorite sweets, the Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae (is your mouth watering yet at the possibilities?!). Unpredictable chef'testent Seth has the perfect dessert in mind, but his plans are crushed when he learns he cannot make his own ice cream. Will this send Seth into another emotional breakdown or will he learn to control his unprofessional outbursts? Find out tonight 10/6 @ 10/9c on Top Chef Just Desserts.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TC News and Information 10.5.10

Remember when Bravo announced it would do a Top Chef spinoff featuring kids? Judges Tom Colicchio and Eric Ripert discuss why it will never see the light of day in this video.

Speaking of Ripert, did you catch the premiere of the new season of his PBS show, Avec Eric, last weekend? This item details the upcoming episodes and links to a station guide to help you find out when it may be aired in your area.

Wylie Dufresne talks to the Harvard Crimson about his journey from philosophy student to top chef (and two-time Top Chef Masters contestant) here. is offering vegan versions of the Just Desserts winning recipes all season long. See their spin on Eric Wolitzky's Episode 3 winning desserts here.

Want to design TC Season 7 winner Michael Voltaggio's next tattoo? Click here.

Finally, at a speaking engagement in St. Louis, Anthony Bourdain revealed that the protagonist of his upcoming graphic novel about ultra-violent food nerds will be a sushi chef, according to this piece.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 3

All this sugar is making my teeth rot! But what do the bloggers have to say about it?

After Elton on cheftestant fashion: "We open with the money shot – a shirt-less Yigit. Oh my! Who would have guessed that under that chef uniform lies the hard body of a Calvin Klein underwear model? Sigh. He can frost my éclair anytime he likes. Meanwhile, we see Seth feverishly doing stomach crunches in this goofy pair of striped socks. It’s the Wicked Witch of the West meets Richard Simmons."

Jordan Baker's haiku was just fine this week, but her thoughts on guest judge Sylvia Weinstock are better: "I want her to be the judge every week – she can replace Daily Candy Girl, since I’m still not clear on her qualifications. OR: Better still – a spin off where she and Gael Greene’s Hat go on a road trip together in a classic car, eating great food and having zany adventures. It’s like Thelma & Louise, only with better accessories and a senior citizen’s discount."

TV Guide on cake snobbery: "Heather, of course, does not panic. She's sort of the sane version of Seth. She's been on top throughout the series, and informs us that she made her own wedding cake, because why would you entrust such a thing to a stranger? She clearly falls into the control freak variety of pastry chef. She also dumps on everyone else's cake for not being as high-end as her tiered, minimalist cake with its smattering of flowers."

What'ere Jane Eyre on Seth's "wedding cake": "Seth's Quickfire offering is clearly not what anyone has in mind when it comes to wedding cakes, yet he's almost proud of what he's made, rather than dissolving into a puddle of crazy tears. Wouldn't a meltdown here make more sense than one where his mommy's red hots didn't make it onto the plate? I suppose I should mention his cakelette's ingredients. It's a caramel chocolate mousse with Marsala apricot jam, and absinthe honey. As he crows about it being his favorite dish of the competition so far, the other chefs cringe at each other in embarrassment for him."

Culture Mob on the grown-up attitude: "There’s some drama between Heather C and Eric which involves Heather taking all the peanut butter and leaving none for Eric, which causes Morgan to decide to steal all the butter and leave none for the opposing team. It’s mildly entertaining, but feels very JV squad after last week’s 'The red hots are for my mommy!' epic fiasco. Maybe if Morgan took the butter and spread it all over the floor under the other team’s feet causing a mild concussion in a contestant, we could start to approach that bar."

Popwatch on the bake sale fare: "When all was said and done, the pep team went traditional, while the glee-ers went more elegant. How elegant? Financier elegant. Nothing says fun bake sale like a dessert made for businessmen in Paris. And nothing says fun and youthful like turning service into a military drill. Cheers to Seth for both."

My Monkey Could Do That on judging: "Seth wanted to make kids get into things they never got into before and whatever, and Johnny tells him 'Your role is not to educate people, it is to make delicious food and to make people happy.' Sadly it was perfect, but Johnny makes it clear that it wasn’t a bake sale dessert."

TWOP on Bravo's generosity: "But since Bravo is pro-education and has been pimping out kids while pumping them full of sugar, they decide to add some zeroes to the funds raised and send the Glee kids to NYC and the Pep kids to go get pregnant at cheer camp. Also, $5000 will be donated to the catholic school for abstinence only education and a good polish on the statue of the Big J."