Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ATC Interview with Chef Tiffany Derry

ATC: We were really sorry to see you go this week, and a lot of our readers were pegging you for the win. In retrospect, what would you have done differently for this final DC challenge that might have changed the results for you?

TD: I would have used another refrigerator that I know wouldn't freeze my food. My mussels, herbs and tomatoes froze. It was a great dish that I felt all the flavors were great. I am happy with the dish just not excited about my time left to plate my dish. It looked messy but I was out of time.

ATC: You and Ed seemed pretty close - did you borrow his clothes, too? :) Who were your other friends in the competition?

TD: HaHa no I did no wear his clothes. He was my closest friend on the show but I really hung with a few others toward the middle to end of of show. Kevin, Kenny, Kelly and I bonded a lot but I really enjoyed all of them - Arnold, Tamesha - but they were off earlier.

ATC: What was your favorite challenge this season and why?

TD: I loved the Embassador Challenge I have a true love for Mexican food

ATC: Did you watch past seasons of Top Chef? What was your favorite and who was your favorite competitor?

TD: I watched a few episodes of a few seasons but not like I do now. I absolutely loved Carla and I thought Jen and Kevin from season 6 were awesome cooks.

ATC: You are still young, amazingly talented, and obviously have a great career ahead of you. What made you want to be on Top Chef?

I never really thought about going they actually called me out of the blue and I was hesistant but I thought about it and why not? I have nothing to lose in my opinion, just gaining.

ATC: Who was your favorite judge and why?

TD: I love Anthony Bourdain - he made me a little shy. I love his honesty no matter what.

ATC: Congratulations on your recent marriage. Did you use the trip to Paris as part of your honeymoon?

TD: I plan on going to Paris early next year and my wedding was phenomenal in Costa Rica. Tamesha and Arnold came as well.

ATC: What are your plans for the next five to ten years?

TD: I really want a couple of cooking shows. I love cooking, demonstrating, and interacting with people. It is my true passion and I want to share with others and help them find their inner chef.(lol)

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Anonymous said...

Tiffany L. Derry will always be top chef in my book. When we were kids our grandma always said Tiff would one day be on TV. She thought as an actress because Tiffany can also act. I dont think she ever knew how far cooking could take Tiff. We are super proud of our little "tippy toes", and we humbly Thank the Bravo network for allowing the world to see how awesome we already knew Tiff was. Again from myself and my family Thank You Thank You Thank you. Gratefully Yours, Shunte' R. Johnson (first cousin)