Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef DC Episode Four

We're back this week with a double-elimination, double-win, and, somehow no sponsorship by Doublemint gum. Did the bloggers find that odd?

David Dust on immunity money allocation: "Sweet Gay Arnold mentions that if he won, he would give the $10,000 to an orphanage in Thailand for babies with HIV/AIDS. Awwwwwwww.... Alex, on the other hand, would purchase “a hooker and an 8-ball”. Alex obviously wants to be the Pat O’Brien of culinary world."

Cliffieland on under-the-bus-throwing: "When quizzed about their dish and the you-could-see-it-coming undercooked pasta, Lynne remarks that she wasn't happy with it. The look of "Shut the fuck up, woman! We're trying to stay here!" all over Arnold's face is something to behold."

Jordan Baker haikus: "Undercooked pasta/ Was Arnold’s undoing, but/ It was all Lynne’s fault."

Minx Eats on Padma's sartorial choices: "No time is wasted in presenting the Elimination Challenge. However, some real time had to have passed since the baby food challenge, because Padma is no longer wearing that seriously ugly muscle T with the appliqué that looked like a fake six-pack made of mesh and is now showing off her rack in a black dress."

Pop Watch (EW) on the Quickfire: "As usual, the show managed to turn something beloved into something so sinister with a fairly tough challenge in which the chef’testants had to create an adult dish that could be pureed for a baby as well. You see, Tom and Padma are new parents and, apparently, Gerber just ain’t cuttin’ it in the households Colicchio and Lakshmi."

Lehigh Valley Live on favorites: "So far this season, Angelo and perhaps Kenny are the only stand outs. I can't bring myself to root for Angelo -- despite his ninja-like agility -- and I don't see Kenny keeping up the momentum."

Reality Check (Baltimore Sun) on the losing dish: "Arnold and Lynne offer up pineapple red curry mussels with squid ink pasta and focaccia. Interesting ... but I don't see it being a big seller on a hotel menu. Bryan and Eric note that the pasta is not cooked. Not that it's not cooked enough, but like not cooked at all. So when exactly did Lynne expect to cook that pasta?"

Single Guy Chef has a past-season comparison: "She’s looking for a sophisticated signature dish to serve at their restaurants for the busy traveler. Yes, this is the hotel restaurant challenge (almost like the airplane food challenge, I feel)."

TWOP on the logic issue with the Quickfire: "Padma makes it sound like her daughter is going to eat it, but her daughter is two months old and is definitely not eating solids yet, even purees. Sorry, my mom-logic is bursting through."

Gawker makes a good point: "So yes, Bobby from King of the Hill and Amanda Cold Sore/Birthmark/Cokehead are not my favorite people. But, their superlative breakfast should have given them a chance to go to Italy or Spain courtesy of Hilton, (Hilton! Hilton! Hilton!)."

Fork in the Road (Village Voice) on guest judges: "The chefs serve their food to a panel that includes past Top Chef contestants Bryan Voltaggio, Mike Isabella, and D.C. homeboy Spike, all of whom look slightly embalmed. Eric's there, too, wearing a look that says, in charmingly accented English, 'I'm way too regal for this shit.'"

Nashville Scene on Kelly and the Quickfire: "But Arnoldophiles still bitter at TBK (that bitch Kelly) over their run-in two weeks ago found some solace in her pork loin landing her in the bottom group on the challenge, with a stray lemon seed in the puree that had Padma getting ready to report TBK to Child Services."

Grub Street on Stephen's cooking advice: "Breakfast began with some interesting cooking advice when Amanda asked Stephen how to tell when hollandaise sauce was done. His response: 'When it tastes really good.' OH. Okay."

Eater.com takes Bravo to task: "Amanda and Stephen, the dream team (if you dream about pills, cold sores, and not having lips), won the Breakfast segment of the Elimination Challenge, and we didn't even see what they cooked! Huh? 'The chefs so nice we edited them out of the episode twice.' You can do better, Bravo. And on the eve of your Emmy nomination for Editing no less!"

Daily Dish (LA Times) on Tamesha's Quickfire win: "Tamesha won the challenge with her veggie chowder with lobster broth and grilled salmon with licorice oil. Tom loved the infused oil as well as her soup, which left a little bit of texture intact despite being pureed. Being the youngest in the house might have given her a one-up, seeing as how she's closest to her baby food memories and all. "

Best Week Ever on Alex and Ed's scallop surprise: "Alex is cooking scallops — seriously? The #1 most frequently ripped-on-by-judges dish (unless you count souffles)? But Lo and behold, Alex and Ed actually win with their scallops dish — Mike Isabella “likes the flavor profile – I can say chef things! Amuse-bouche!” — and avoid the Dinner Round."

Max the Girl warms my Maryland heart: "For the breakfast challenge, Tim let Tiffany take the lead on the crabcakes for their crabcake benedict. (On behalf of all the good people of Maryland, I must say this: Tim, how could you? Tiffany is from Texas. They know from ribs and giant steaks and political nepotism in Texas. Not crabcakes. Have some Old Line pride and take charge of that cake! But I digress . . .)"

What'ere, Jane Eyre on the producers' influence: "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I imply that it would be possible for Kenny to get eliminated before the final four? Silly Limecrete! Arnold and Lynne could have made a scale model reproduction of Mount Rushmore out of lentils and still get eliminated, which they are. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! And while you're at it, could I impose on you to wake me when this show gets back to at least pretending it's about food?"

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