Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef DC Episode 3

Pie! Interns! Picnics! Bloggers!

Jordan Baker with her weekly haiku: "Rosie O’Donnell’s / Doppelganger was sent home / Insult to sausage."

Cliffieland on buses and being thrown: "Meanwhile, Angelo is being all mopey because big bad Kenny didn't volunteer to go home last week after Angelo tanked the Elimination Challenge. So he goes and sits all alone in the backyard and wallows in his douchieness. And did we mention he provides us with our first "under the bus?" ... Drink!"

Max the Girl on what's to like about Tracey: "I liked the fact that she looked like Turtle from Entourage in drag. I liked the fact she was swoony over Angelo.I liked that the fact that her nutty internal monologue—'Put your back in it!' 'Look at me go!' 'Sugar snap peas!' (I think this was a profanity of some sort)—was never going to not be funny. I liked the fact that she was "psychic." But mostly I liked the fact that she did the thing so few Cheftestants have done—completely spazzed over all the delicious food the other competitors were making."

What'ere, Jane Eyre on Amanda's issues: "Amanda tells us that she used to be a big 'ol junkie, but is totally over it now. She probably should have waited to share this with us until the memories of serving up a batch of sherry to schoolchildren have faded. And although she's overcome this particular obstacle in life, she clearly hasn't been to the thirty-day rehab program for obnoxious jerks, as she removes Alex's food from the oven because she called dibs."

Creative Loafing summarizes: "What did we learn this week? No one but Shaft (Kenny) knows how to make pie, Borscht/Mr. Smithers is creepy and likes to do naughty things to pig bottoms, and Leah 2 (Amanda) just received the new nickname of 'Cokie.'"

Foobooz on brand extensions and patriotism (aren't they the same?): "To promote the upcoming Top Chef: Just Desserts (everybody goes home on the first episode), Mr. Iuzzini admonishes the cheftestants by calling them unorganized, then tells them to make a pie, how patriotic."

Serious Eats on chef bitchery: "This week's quickfire didn't go so well for the chefs. You'd think Padma asked them to disarm a bomb with all the bitching and moaning they were doing: 'Wahhh, I've never made a pie before! Wahhh, I don't cook desserts!' Suck it up, guys. The show is called Top Chef, not Top Incompetent Whiny Bitch."

Grub Street has a theory: "Last night's episode opened with another act in the Battle of Kenny and Angelo: Kenny worried that the "Angelo Show" was taking over while Angelo sat by himself in a corner, brooding over Kenny's words at the previous Judges' Table. Could their war actually be a budding bromance in disguise?"

Pop Watch (EW) on the highlights: "there were two shining moments during the cooking process. The first was Arnold proclaiming that he’s not a grill guy because 'it’ll clog [his] pores way too fast.' The second was Tracey telling her meat to 'put your back into it.' Oh also, she’s a psychic. Keep bringing the crazy."

Girls Talkin Smack brings up the dreaded season 2: "Kenny criticizes Angelo in an interview, saying that he thinks Asian food isn’t a good idea for a picnic. Seems like we could have a rivalry of Season 2′s Ilan Hall vs. Marcel Vigneron proportions brewing again. For the record, I was Team Marcel all the way."

Box Office Prophets on the Mad Men vibe: "Apparently the gay men and straight women don't know how to fire up a grill; they look to the African-American male chefs for how to do it. I somehow feel like Top Chef has been transported back to the 1960s."

Defamer on the Quickfire: "I suppose baking a pie is difficult for a chef. Pastry arts and culinary arts taught as two separate degrees at most culinary colleges, but man, these chefs suck balls!"

Meal Ticket (Philly City Paper) plays the David Lynch card: "Meanwhile, deep in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, a wry, telling smile spreads across the lineless face of Special Agent Dale Cooper. 'I have no idea where this pie-based Quickfire challenge will lead us,' says Cooper, a mug of hot coffee, black as midnight on a moonless night, half-raised to his lips. 'But I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.'"

Best Week Ever on the disgusted judges: "The judges’ critiques just got more and more insulting the longer Judge’s Table went on, eventually crossing over into personal offendedness, with Tom telling Tracey 'If that’s what you call Italian food, that’s almost insulting to Italians! Me being one!'"

Reality Check (Baltimore Sun) on Ed's pie: "Ed then says he's making a banana cream pie and starts talking about celery and peanut butter and wha? I stop listening because the concept hurts my brain. It's pie! It's a quickfire!"

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