Monday, January 4, 2010

What's New at the Bravo Store?

Bravo has been adding tons of new Top Chef-related items to their online store. Currently available are Terlato's Top Chef Quickfire Wines, and bouquets by Teleflora. And let's not forget Top Chef meals by Schwan's Home Service! But there are more interesting items available...let's take a look.

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Wow - who doesn't want to look like the lovely Gail Simmons?

Or head judge and favorite of bears everywhere, Tom Colicchio?

But my favorite items in the Bravo store are these fab bobbleheads!

What would you like to see in the Bravo store?


Kate said...

You KNOW that there are some people who are going to think this is for real. Priceless!! Hahaha!

Kristine said...

It's not?? Ar, ar. Though, I think the bobbleheads are a great idea!

bernal_vernal said...

Haha!!! Excellent. Happy New Year!