Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Top Chef Finale Virtual Viewing Party! and...A Contest!

Ok - first: Bravo is having a Top Chef Finale Virtual Viewing Party! Fans will be able to chat and submit questions LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, and from their mobile phones! Judge Toby Young, the Voltaggio brothers, Ash, Kevin, and others will be tweeting for the East Coast broadcast and Robin will tweet for the West Coast broadcast.

RSVP for the event on Facebook here.

Follow BravoTV on Twitter: twitter.com/bravotv

You can also check out this page to follow the party.

And now for the real fun - All Top Chef will be giving away a $100 gift card to the Bravo store to one lucky winner, and a copy of the Top Chef Quickfire computer game to another! Two chances to win!

Here's how you do it - just participate in the Top Chef Finale Virtual Viewing Party tomorrow night. Leave a comment on this post about the fun you're having while chatting with Toby, Ash, Bryan, and the rest of the gang: tell us what questions you may have asked, and especially let us know if you got an answer from anyone! If you can't make it to the party, then leave a comment with the questions that you would like to ask Michael, Bryan, and Kevin, if you had the opportunity to ask them. (You may actually hear your question asked by the lovely Laura K when she does the exit interviews on Thursday.)

We'll pick two names at random from the comments, the first person we choose will get the gift card, and the second will get the game. But you can't win unless you comment - please leave them between 10PM and 3AM ET (yeah, we're generous like that) on December 9th to qualify for a prize.

Have fun!

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