Friday, December 11, 2009

TC News & Information 12.11.2009

The blog Heavenly Truth did astrology charts for all three Top Chef finalists. Kevin's can be found here. Bryan's here, and finally...Michael's. Did the stars reveal the winner?

The Baltimore Sun wants to know if competing on Top Chef is a blessing or a curse.

The Washington Post hosted a live chat with the Voltaggio Brothers on December 9th. You can read the transcript here.

Aww...Kevin and his wife broke up before the trip to Napa. Did that have an effect on his performance?

Century City and ironnori™ proudly introduce the BREADBAR | HATCHI Series: 8 Dishes at 8 Dollars. This unique venture features a different guest chef every month preparing an original, one-night-only suite of eight plates, including six 'savory' dishes and two 'sweet' creations. Former Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron will be whipping up a modern, global tasting menu that will include POM Wonderful on 12/17/2009. Contact Breadbar for more details.


Anonymous said...

Is Michael V married?

theminx said...

Some sources say yes. I don't know for sure.