Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Results - Guess the Tats

With few exceptions, this season's cheftestants are all tatted up. We thought it would be fun to see if you could guess which tattoos belonged to whom. Here are the results:

#1 49% guessed Michael Voltaggio but this tattoo belongs to Jennifer Zavala.

#2 62% guessed Jennifer Carroll but the tat belongs to Mattin Noblia.

#3 72% guessed Mike Isabella, which is correct.

#4 59% guessed Ashley Merriman, which is correct.

#5 43% guessed Bryan Voltaggio, which is correct. (I thought this would be more difficult, since Bryan had no arm tattoos during the filming in Vegas.)

#6 78% guessed Kevin Gillespie, but this tattoo belongs to Jesse Sandlin.

#7 58% guessed Michael Voltaggio, which is correct.

#8 62% guessed Laurine Wickett, which is correct.

#9 50% guessed Mike Isabella, which is correct.

#10 84% guessed Kevin Gillespie, which is correct.

Want to see more Top Chef tattoos? Check out this photo gallery.

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