Monday, October 12, 2009

Tom Colicchio in the November Issues of Family Circle


New York, NY- Tom Colicchio can be foreboding as the head judge on Bravo TV’s Top Chef, but at home he’s just a regular husband and dad who has mastered the recipe for a happy family. In the November issue of Family Circle, Tom dishes on his family, how he proposed to his wife, the truth about his kitchen at home, his favorite foods (SLIM JIM!?!?) and life with a new baby.

Tom credits his family for inspiring his passion for cooking:
“I was always with my mom and grandmother in the kitchen. And while my mom always said food is an expression of love, it was my dad who encouraged me to cook for a living.”

On cooking at home and his family’s go-to meal:
“At home Lori and I both cook, but not at the same time because our kitchen is so small. People assume that we feast on gourmet dinners every night. Wrong! Our go-to meal is actually a simple pasta with prosciutto and peas.”

As a chef you practically live at your office – er, restaurant. That’s where you met Lori, right?
“Yes I was a chef at Gramercy Tavern in New York City and she was a filmmaker working as a waitress. From that moment on, food was a big part of our relationship. I even proposed to her while we were standing in line for sandwiches at a deli.”

Items that are always in Tom’s fridge:

Eating is all in a day’s work for Colicchio, but at home he always keeps these staples on hand. “Diet coke, Fresca, bacon and yogurt. And I love a good Slim Jim!”

His Mantra:
“I love the message inside my wedding ring. It says, ‘Don’t postpone joy.’”

Top Chef fans may be surprised to learn that Tom plays guitar-and loves to rock out with his son, Dante, 16.
“He plays guitar too, so we jam to classic rock like Neil Young, Led Zeppelin and The Who. But he totally loses me when it comes to hip-hop.”

On qualities he hopes Dante inherits from him:
“Work ethic, drive and ambition. My dad was a corrections officer and wasn’t passionate about his job. That’s how I learned the importance of finding what I love and working hard to make it a profession. Dante is growing up more comfortably, and I hope he still feels compelled to succeed.”

On planning date nights with his wife, Lori:
“We never had to because we were always just together. But with a new baby, something tells me things are going to change – a lot!”

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