Monday, October 12, 2009

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Las Vegas Episode 7

Cliffieland on the Quickfire winners: "As for the three best, those were DoucheyMike’s 'light and fresh' Summer’s Eve, Kevin’s 'wow, I can do Asian, too!' dish and BrotherMichael’s 'still not a pastry chef' dessert."

Jordan Baker on saying goodbye to Ashley: "She made prawns and beet sauce. In my world, with my allergies, that’s homicide on a plate. So I can’t say I’m sad that someone went home for that dish. I just. . .wish this week had been Robin. Or Mike I. Or Ash. Or Laurine. I’m FINE with any of them going."

Minx Eats on this week's guest judge: "I used to like Tyler Florence™ until I friended him on Facebook. Every post was a shill for one of his products. Hey, do that on a fan page! Post interesting things for your "'friends.' Also, from watching Tyler's Ultimate, I have decided that the man only knows two adjectives - 'fantastic' and 'amazing.'"

Reality Check (Baltimore Sun) on Padma's RIDICULOUS outfit, which would've made the Fug Girls cry: "May we interrupt with a Padma fashion moment: She has on lime-green shiny disco pants! Liz misses the leopard ensemble from a few weeks ago."

Speakeasy (WSJ) on Ash at Judges' Table: "Padma asks Ash if he was comfortable playing second fiddle to Michael. 'It’s like washing paint brushes for Picasso,' he gushes. I swear I saw little hearts in his eyes. You can only see them if you have HDTV. Tom rightly notes that this is, uh, a search for a great chef. Ash does some doublespeak, but the damage is done: Winners don’t undermine themselves so publicly."

Gawker writes a letter to Padma's unborn child, with lessons: "As you'll have noticed, last night, Gashmouth Isabella and Robin Cancer were teamed up together. Robin is annoyingly verbose and has a martyr complex. Gashmouth Isabella is arrogant though his self-regard is unwarranted... Both characters are useful object lessons. First, don't be an asshole, or if you must be, don't be so loud about it. Gashmouth is a great example of what an asshole is and why no one likes him. No one likes Robin Leventhal because she is an annoying sofa of a human but compared to Gashmouth, one can't help but root for her."

Meal Ticket (Philly City Paper) on Kevin's "praise" of Tyler Florence: "Food Network’s Tyler Florence shows up as a guest judge. 'I recognized him right when I got there,' says Kevin, demonstrating one of my favorite tactics of people who avoid overtly talking shit on someone by making benign observations ('I noticed that he had skin')."

Express Night Out on Jen's first stumble: "Finally, vomit-y Jennifer makes a seared Maine diver scallop over with pistachio and salmon roe for her trio: adventurous, nutty, American. The mighty Jennifer, momentarily thrown off her game! Perhaps the Voltaggios poisoned her dinner."

Food and More (Atlanta Journal Constitution) on Kevin's choice: "The pig is Kevin’s best friend, and he wins! And not just bragging rights, but also a choice of either immunity or a $15,000 credit at M Resort to start on a lifetime of compulsive gambling. Confident and riding high, Kevin (unlike Robin in an earlier episode) chooses the money."

TV Squad on Ashley's downfall: "Ash's effusive praise of Michael's skills was definitely uncomfortable, and I'm kind of surprised that didn't get him sent home. Luckily for him, the judges thought that Eli and Ashley's dish was the weaker of the two, so it was one of them who was going to be eliminated. One of the judges main problems though was the fact that the gnocchi was too salty, which I'm pretty sure was Eli's fault, so I was expecting him to be the one to have to pack up his knives."

Las Vegas Weekly on who we've got left, and what they've got for us: "There are a lot of words that could describe the chef’testants remaining this season on Top Chef: Las Vegas. Determined, for instance, or confident and creative. Monotone, applies to some, as does masterful or flailing."

Seacoast Online sums up the Quickfire: "They get 30 minutes. Everyone who got umami basically grabs mushrooms. They're not big on Asian food. Jennifer tells us she's sick again so I hope she doesn't sneeze on anything."

Trouble with Toast on the intro: "the opening scenes at the mansion focus on Ash never having been to culinary school and Mike V. missing his two (adorable) daughters. Ruh-roh, Shaggy. Too much exposition makes a cheftestant an eliminated boy."

Box Office Prophets with more on Tyler Florence: "I know that Bravo is trying to mix things up with their guest judges, not always having a super high-level, esteemed chef in the kitchen all the time, but Tyler Florence? C'mon. You go from Michele Bernstein to Tyler Florence? "

Left Coast Catering (Laurine's blog) on the most successful part of the evening: "The night we cooked for the Macy’s Council, I believe I caught a glimpse of the more human side of our judges. They were relaxed, enjoying one another’s company, engaging in forthright conversation and appreciating the food, even some of the less successful dishes. Of course they were also taking notes for their inevitable critique, but none of the dishes on that table were so bad as to taint the mood of that crowd. You could tell because they were actually enjoying themselves"

Procrastiblog with a message for Tyler Florence: "To Tyler Florence, on behalf of every Top Chef viewer in the world: of course you can take “the power went off” as an excuse. It’s, like, the best excuse ever."

Limecrete on the Elimination Challenge kickoff: "Mike, who has apparently never seen a single episode of a single reality show before he came here, has taken Padma at her word, and is looking forward to a little down time. The chefs come home to discover their place stocked with dishes and ingredients, so they catch the snap about who's going to prepare that home-cooked meal Padma mentioned."

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