Sunday, October 18, 2009

Poll - Who Will Be PPYKAG'd on Top Chef 6 Episode 9?


cjcat said...

I'm going with Robin. Restaurant Wars is about team work and Robin is having trouble fitting into this crowd. I don't think that is all her fault and in fact I have contempt for "You're not my Mom" Eli and Mike I's attitude towards women but she will be thrown under the bus if there is trouble on her team.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if there's trouble or not. Robin is going to get thrown under the bus, regardless.

In the previews, it showed Robin in the kitchen with the Voltaggio brothers and possibly Eli handling the Front of House.

Considering how dismissive the chefs have been of Robin's skills, it doesn't make sense that they would have her in the kitchen during Restaurant Wars. Unless her team wants her in the kitchen because they want her to mess her up - which means that team is more concerned with undermining Robin than of putting out their best food.

That could hurt whoever made that call.

Terry S. said...

The Robin edits, have made this season at times unbearable to watch. I read a blog somewhere that watching Top Chef 6 is like watching the film "Heathers," I agree 100%.

Lets get back to the food, and stop it already with the petty childish drama of Eli, Mike I., and Laurine dissing Robin. The producers seem to edit Top Chef to the high school cheer leader and jock demographic.

That said, I would love to eat any of the food that Jenn C., and Kevin have made, they are my two favorite Top Chefs this season.

From the previews looks like Eli and Laurine are front of the house, so who knows what will happen.

toni said...

The brothers are on the same team, so it looks pretty solid even with Robin there.

I'll go with Laurine.

cjcat said...

toni called it and gets this week's bragging rights!