Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Stir Crazy in Sin CIty

Are you enjoying the Stir Crazy in Sin City webisodes? Well, here are two more, hot off the presses - both featuring the Voltaggios.

The first follows the cheftestants as they use Gladware for something OTHER than capture a snake that got in the house.

Then, Bryan spazzes out and threatens to burn the house's last bag of cheese puffs -- the irony of these gourmet cooks going nuts over junk food.


Cliff O'Neill said...

Yeah, I got those too now.

Odd. ... The husband has never had a cheese puff himself. He swears he'll never have one.

Never knew I was married to someone with the same schematic as BrotherBryan.

Anonymous said...

We're only a few hours away, but I think the clip with the snake might contain some spoilers.

The video starts off saying "7 Competitors..." which means the footage was taped after Restaurant Wars.

theminx said...

Oh, good call, Anonymous. Only saw three chefs though, and all three I expected to see.