Thursday, October 29, 2009

Congratulations, Chef Gillespie!

Chef Kevin Gillespie took home his FOURTH win this week, with a "meaty" duo of mushrooms, smoked kale and two types of turnips. The judges, including guest judge (and vegetarian) Natalie Portman, praised the meal's rich flavor, saying it proves that vegetarian meals don't have to be light all the time.

Several guests - and Tom Colicchio - commented that Kevin's dish was satisfying enough that they did not even miss meat - high praise indeed.

This post is only for positive words for Chef Gillespie. If you have anything negative to say about him or another chef, please click here.


Laura K said...

Kevin is clearly the frontrunner this season, and completely charming and adorable.

Congratulations on another win!

Susan said...

Count me aboard Team Kevin! Next time we head for Atlanta, I definitely want to eat at Woodfire Grill!